AJR Musician on How NYC Is Preparing For Climate Change

Finding the Right Sun Protection for Your Home

It is undeniable that the sun’s heat has really grown stronger and most homeowners are really looking for products that they can use to keep their homes cooler during the day. Short of putting a roof over the rest of your garden or erecting tables with umbrellas just to provide some respite from the sun, shades and sails are becoming a popular alternative. the right products for you.

Expand Your Tent With a Tent Canopy

Everything changes when your family is growing. You will find that you need extra room in the house. You will find that you need a bigger car so that everyone can fit.

Recycling Light Bulbs – Why CFLs Must Be Recycled

CFL light bulbs may be more energy efficient, but are less green when it is time to dispose of them. Read on to find out why they must be recycled and what to do if they get broken.

Learn About the Shades for Your Home

When people talk about looking for shades for their homes, what they generally refer to are the products that shield and protect you from the harsh rays of the sun as well as other weather conditions like rain and wind. Though these products primarily insulate you from the weather, they also become aesthetic enhancements to your home because they’re well-crafted, well-designed and creatively made.

Awnings and Canopies Help Protect Your Home From the Elements

It can be tough on the budget when you always have to deal with problems related to effects of weather conditions. For instance, when it gets too hot inside the house, its occupants tend to turn on the fans on full blast and the air conditioner running the whole day.

Add Gazebos to Your Home and Garden for Added Elegance and Romance

If you were to sit down and think about what would be a good addition to your garden, gazebos would probably be the first thing that comes to your mind. Gazebos speak to us of enchantment and romance so much so that they often are the focal point in a garden.

Green Living – How Available Is Renewable Energy Technology To Homeowners Today?

Energy costs continue to rise; the effects of global warming are becoming more and more apparent. Many people are questioning whether or not there is any truth to renewable energy technology. With the spin doctors of the press at the helm, many do not know the differences between “renewable” and “alternative” energy technology.

Keep Pesky Insects Outside With Window Screens

There are days that you just want to open the windows of your house and just let the breeze flow in. It’s especially appropriate if you live near the beach where just the smell of the sea can make you feel relaxed and calm. The problem is, when you open the windows it seems like it’s an open invitation to insects, dirt, debris and other small animals to come into your home. And once they come in, it can be difficult to get them out. You’ll waste a lot of time cleaning up after them.

Keep It Cool During the Day by Installing Awnings

It’s nice to keep the windows open during the summer and experience the breezy air coming through. It’s also nice to cool down with refreshing drinks on your porch amidst friends and family. However, the tough midday sun can really burn your skin if you don’t have straight up protection from it. The answer, install awnings so that you can maintain a barrier between the sun and you and avoid being sunburned.

Getting Much Needed Shade From Outdoor Umbrellas

Even on a personal level, when people want to protect themselves from the harsh rays of the sun, they always bring and use an umbrella. It may be bulky and heavy but people still carry it around because no one wants to get burned from the intense heat of the sun, even with the sunblock and the shade. It therefore also makes sense to have your very own umbrella, albeit on a much larger scale, as an addition to your home garden or outdoor entertaining area to protect you from the very sun that you want to escape when you’re walking.

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