Africa Could Solar Power The Whole World… But Not So Quick

Seven Really Really Good Reasons to Generate Your Own Energy

Not a day goes by that the news does not contain some reminder that there is a Global fossil fuel crisis. Whether it be another massive oil spill or yet more evidence of of global warming. The message is pretty self evident we as individuals need to become much more independent when it comes to our energy needs.

Green Cleaning – Keep Your House Clean and Green

Keeping your house green and clean by implementing a few simple measures is a lot easier to cleaning and using chemicals. Avoid dust catchers Whenever possible avoid fitted carpets, they are a lot more difficult to keep clean than using rugs. Rugs can be taken outside once in a while and thoroughly cleaned.

5 Interesting Facts About Solar Power

Everybody is excited about solar power these days and about implementing solar energy to help save on their electricity bill and to help save the planet. Here are five facts to help you realize the great potential of the sun’s energy.

How to Save Money and Energy by Using Water Tanks Wisely

Most households use more water than they think they do. They drink water and use it while cooking. They clean themselves with water, in baths and showers, while washing their face or cleaning their teeth.

Living Off the Grid – Your Vision Can Be Realized

Living off the grid is a dream for lots people. The idea of being able to reduce the damage being done to the earth and to be able to live in accord with the natural environment and at the same time to have more affordable energy bills would be amazing.

How to Make Recycling at Home Easy and Enjoyable

These are some quick and easy tips to make recycling at home much more enjoyable. I share what’s kept my trash to a minimum.

What is Green DIY Energy? How to Add Solar Panels Starting at $200

Lots of people now are considering adding solar, wind, and other home energy sources that are earth friendly, and cost saving. The newest wrinkle in this movement, is the “Do it Yourself” crowd. So the “DIY” part of the term Green DIY Energy, stands for “do it yourself”.

Five Hot Reasons to Think Green

To think green is not about living a boring lifestyle, it is not about struggling to do the right green thing, it is not pretending to be environmentally conscious. So what it is all about and why should you go green?

Micro Wind Turbine to Produce Energy and Profit

A micro wind turbine will not only enable you to save money on your electric bill but the designs that are available today can also be attractive in your yard or on your house. The micro wind turbine will pay for itself in no time and set you on course to living “off the grid”.

Why Not Recondition Your Batteries at Home Instead of Throwing Them Out

A battery starts to loose its capability almost immediately after manufacture, about 25 per year. Putting them in the refrigerator can extend their shelf live a little more but not much.

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