$999 1500wh “Bluetti” Solar Generator: Lithium Battery + MPPT + Inverter Power Box

7 Things to Do With Fireplace Ashes

Many studies have proven to us how useful wood ash can be, now let us put this into practical applications today. If you own a wood burning fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, here are a few ideas of what to do with all that built up ash before you decide to throw it out.

How To Properly Dispose Of Your Household Waste

Do you do your best to live a clean, green life? If so, you should read this guide and learn how to properly dispose of your household waste, without harming the environment.

Air Quality Facts You Need Not Overlook

Did you know that you can improve on the quality of air in your homes and offices with less effort? Did you also know that the air quality of your surroundings, most especially, at your homes, restaurants and offices contribute to the poor indoor air quality? This article serve to elaborate on some of these issues and also provide recommendations on how to mitigate the risks involved with them accordingly.

Top 4 Tips on How To Improve Air Quality In Homes And Offices

So you’re searching for information on how to improve air quality in homes. I guess the reason for your search due to the fact that you might have encountered any of the following signs in your homes: Development of mold or fungi in places like bathrooms, under your kitchen cabinet close to the sink or any other places very inviting for their growth. An unpleasant smell from the air condition ducts. Constant accumulation of dust over your furniture no matter how frequent you get them clean The smell of any toxic colorless gas Or you or any member of your household is or has developed cold, stuffy or runny nose, itchy throat or with constant sneezing.

Don’t Ignore These Air Quality Facts!

Most people turn to shift blame to the major industries when considering the effects of air quality facts. They seem to forget their very own contribution to the greenhouse gas emission each single day. This article serves to enlighten some of these air quality facts that are usually overlooked while they stand as some of the major causes of most of the harmful diseases ever emerged on our planet. Now, the question is, can these facts be dealt with individually to mitigate their respective risks to mankind? The answer to this question is Yes!

How To Test Indoor Air Quality In Dwellings and Offices

Are you looking for information on how to test indoor air quality for your dwelling or office? I guess your search for this information is because you may have encountered with one or more pathogens or pollutants inside of your dwelling or office. These could be any of the following signs: 1- You may have smelled the presence of strange gas scent like ammonia, carbon monoxide or methane just to mention a few. 2- You or any of household members may have colds and other allergy symptoms like itchy skin, sore throat, red-watery eyes and consistent sneezing. 3- You may have observed the presence of mold or fungi, pollen and other allergens. If any of the above is the cause for your search on how to check air quality indoors, then you are at the right place. This article serves to provide exactly these answers for testing indoor air quality.

6 Surefire Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Are you contemplating on improving the poor air quality in your dwelling? Do you find yourself or any member of your homes with any of the following allergy symptoms like colds, itchy skin, sore throat, red-watery eyes and consistent sneezing? If so, then it’s about time you sought a remedy to reverse this trend. Despite EPA’s consistent advocacy on environment risks to the major industries and other greenhouse gas emitters to cut down on emission, these activities have recently been on the ascendant. The only remedy forward to reverse this trend in our homes or offices is to find ways to improve on the quality of air indoors. This might sound very challenging and a daunting the first time you hear but do not worry because you will be well-informed by the time you read this article.

4 Natural Products To Use In Your Home

While no one likes to think about the germs that will inevitably be in and on the fixtures, everyone knows that the bathroom needs regular cleanings to kill germs, remove scum, and keep the plumbing working properly. However, many people mistakenly believe that only harsh, store-bought chemicals can provide the germ-killing and deep-cleaning solution you desire. Fortunately, there are many natural products that can do the dirty work without damaging the fixtures, your health, or the environment

Trash to Gold – Turning Recyclable Materials Into Effective Structures

This article introduces a relatively new and unknown concept called waste houses, structures built from trash and recyclable objects. It explores the potential of such structures and how they can benefit the environment and third world countries. Included is an independent project I conducted to test this concept.

Water Saving Tips For Both Indoors & Outdoors

Water remains to be one of the most important every day commodities that you really can’t do without. The supply is however limited compared to the demand and you therefore should use the water available to you as efficiently as possible. Cutting on your usage can go a long way in saving your water bills at the end of the month. Just like energy, you should find out the best ways to make a positive change. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to preserve water on both outdoors and indoors.

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