97. The Elon Musk of India is Killing Gas Consumption

Six Outside Watering Tips – How to Save Money and Conserve Our Most Precious Resource

As fresh water supplies become increasingly scarce in parts of the world, – and as part of a growing commitment to live greener lifestyles – conscientious Americans are proactively cutting back on the amount of water they use. And while many expected – and have already experienced – the many psychological and emotional benefits of doing their parts to reduce their carbon footprints, they might not have anticipated how much money they’re saving as well. In this article you’ll learn six of the best – and most practical – ways to save water (and money) outside of your home.

DIY Opportunities to Save on Energy

There are basically two ways to save on energy: cut back on what you use, and generate your own electricity. The average household spends about $2200 each year on energy. By implementing the energy savings ideas available to you here, you could cut that cost almost in half!

Steps on How to Create an Electric Generator

The presence of electric generator is really useful because it able to turn the heat into the electrical energy so you will know that it can be used as a good alternative to take. The idea of this generator is from the magnetic field that is able to produce the electricity through the use of wire. If you are interested to make this kind of generator, please check this article out and get the best help for your needs.

Mobile Home Renovation Projects – Going Green

Going green and keeping your home as economic as possible is very important with today’s utility prices. There are many things you as a homeowner, can do to ensure a little more efficiency from the function of your home. Mobile / modular homes can be easily renovated to be even more efficient than a regular home. Here are a few suggestions.

Avoid These Mistakes and Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels

Having a plan before building your solar panels will eliminate most, if not all, of the problems you may face. It’s always a good idea to start with a blueprint of the panels you want, rather than figuring it out as you go along. Here are the 5 most common mistakes that most people make when constructing their first set of panels.

Life Without a Dishwasher Has Many Benefits

People think that dishwashers are a necessity. They’re not. In fact they are wasteful and surprisingly easy to live without.

Managing Your Large Family Trash Disposal Whether Camping, Or at Home

Do you have a large family, and generate a lot of trash? Want to learn how to reduce your family trash amount whether at home, or camping? Here are some tips from a family travel expert on how to travel lite with the kids and ‘leave no trace behind’.

Cheap Ways For an Eco Home

There are many eco friendly products, gadgets and innovations that can help us live our lives in a more carbon neutral and environmentally friendly way. There are a vast range of such products that range from the simple and cost effective to the more expensive.

How to Cut Down Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Like it or not, when we burn fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes, run our appliances, run our car and even to heat our water these daily activities produce greenhouse gases that can significantly affect our environment. Scientists have figured out that carbon dioxide or CO2 is major contributor to global warming. And each of us is contributing to the problem by emitting about 48,000 pounds of carbon monoxide each year just by living our lives the way we do.

Five Steps to Being More Eco Friendly

For those people that are yet to embrace the eco friendly way of life it can be quite difficult in establishing where to start. Knowing what eco friendly products to buy, what methods of transportation is best and how to save energy can be really daunting for the uninitiated.

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