$702 640Wh Milk Crate 2.0: 600W Inverter + Fast Charging + Large Fuse Block

Clean Air Programs in North America

In an effort to reduce carbon footprints,” cities in North America are cleaning up their streets in the most innovative fashion. Read how cities Birmingham and Chicago are revolutionizing the “Go Green” movement.

Consumers Choose Artificial Grass for a Beautiful Lawn

Lot of hours are spent on managing landscaping. When the efforts fail and the grass dries up, it is not only frustrating, but it is very expensive. Artificial grass may be a good option to consider in some of these areas.

Want To Reduce Your Waste? Start Composting!

Composting is a great way to significantly reduce your waste. Here’s how you can make a difference in how much you add to the landfills.

Tips To Avoid Wasting Food

Learn how you can avoid wasting food and help reduce the amount of food that ends up in the land fills… and save some money while being eco-friendly.

Beneficial Additives in Hydroponics

Growing your own garden and plants can be very rewarding. There’s nothing like knowing that with some hard work and dedication, you were able to create something beautiful/edible/natural from the ground.

Three Guiding Principles of Green Living

Green Living behavior is simple if you have principles to guide your decisions. Learn the three guiding principles for Green Living to shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Bonsai Care 101: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve recently decided to try your hands at growing your own bonsai tree, then you should be ready to invest time and patience to this endeavor. Growing your first bonsai is a lot of work; but if done right it could be very rewarding. Learning and applying the basic bonsai care guidelines will help you through this new exciting experience. When you’ve witnessed your bonsai transform into a beautiful, graceful tree, you’ll know that everything is worth the challenge.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers for Safe, Easy and Friendly Use

Arguably the only type of lawn mower that is better than an electric one, are cordless electric lawn mowers. Why should you consider electric mowers anyway. To begin with, they are better for your ears and the environment than gas mowers are, in other words your eardrums and mother nature will thank you. However the cordless electric is even better. Here are features to look for when searching for the right cordless electric lawn mowers.

Hooked on Home Aquaphonics

During this uncertain economic time, aquaponics is truly a life-saver, think of the added value this system will bring to you and your family having up to 10 times more plants means you could more forward to self-sustainability help family, friends, or even sell the food! This article will give you a little info about Home Aquaponics and how to start build your own system.

Composting Toilets Vs Urine Diverting Toilets

Urine diverting toilets (UDT) work by separating urine and solids at source. The urine is collected at the front and piped away and the solids fall into a container at the back of toilet.

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