5 Years Living Off Grid Building A Sustainable Smallholding

Free Energy Generator – Clean Energy

Many people suffer through every month trying to pay their bills for the electricity they use but in some cases, this is impossible which will lead to them sitting with no power when the electricity company cuts the power lines. This is a reality which we all need to know about and get used to but hardly anyone knows about the fact that it is now possible to get free energy generator or at least cut your bill with so much more. This will leave you with more money so that it is possible for you to feed your family and keep them warm especially when it is very cold.

Wind Power Basics

Here is a true guide to the basics on wind power. It is very hard to find this information on the web.

Why Build a Magnetic Power Generator?

Hi, my name is Peter and I want to tell you how building a magnetic generator could not only save you money, but even make you money. Sound unreal well it’s not.

Magnetic Energy Generator Plans – Tips For Finding the Best

Once you learn of the great benefits that can be gained from building your own magnetic energy generator the search is on to find the best plan. The quality of the plan you follow is very important because low quality plans will be difficult to follow and won’t always lead to a functional product that actually produces energy you can use.

Living Green in America – Energy Efficient Housing Options Growing

Did you know that you will discover subdivisions being built right now which are truly living the green lifestyle? These are subdivisions whose primary draw is not a clubhouse, walking paths, or even a state of the art swimming pool. Instead, the talking point of these subdivisions is the 30 foot tall vertical axis wind turbines!

Energy Saving Tips

Today there are various ways to help save our planet and generate our own electricity. Wind power, solar power and so on.

Five Eco Ways to Save Real Money This Winter

Winter is the time of year that many of us spend far more on our bills than we do in the rest of the seasons. Heating and lighting costs can often double, or even treble, in the winter months and the costs don’t just hit us in the pocket either.

Bathroom Water Conservation With WaterSense – Four Useful Tips

The bathroom is the room in the home where most of a family’s water usage can take place. Between taking a shower and flushing the toilet, the amount of water used in a day for a family of two or more can be astounding.

Land Survey Results Show Need to Go Green

Recent land survey results from the RICS, indicates that the land we live on is becoming subject to many pollutants. Going green at home is the start we need to push towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Reusable Energy Sources – Solar Power Energy

Solar power efficiency has advanced in leaps and bounds. Solar energy has proven that it is an efficient, reliable and cheap source of energy. The developments in solar power energy and it’s applications for residential uses have made it easier for the average family to benefit from its use around the home.

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