5 Best and Weird Renewable Energy Sources

Help Out and Recycle All Your Scraps

Take a look around your garage, basement, and storage shed. Notice a recurring trend? If not look closer. If you are like most Americans you probably have a lot of junk just sitting around. Hoping that one day in the future you will save the day when a friend needs it, or that someday you will need it.

Passive Solar Greenhouses

With the growing environmental awareness of the past decades many people have opted, and are opting, for growing their own vegetables and fruit, or just flowers. But in order to have a year-round yield that keeps fresh vegetables on your table, you need a greenhouse.

Tips On Solar Power For Home Use

Some tips and information to consider before you get those solar panels. Why you need to do an energy audit before you look for solar power for home use? Find out how to use a basic solar unit and much more.

Rainwater Barrels – When Size Matters

There is a “Natural Order of Things” in Nature. The Water Cycle is one of those things which Man has broken, creating problems for himself and the environment. Rainwater barrels can help restore balance and lessen pollution and help ease any water shortage.

Organic Cotton and How It Can Help Our Planet

Cotton clothing is something most of us use everyday of our lives. But only few people think about the journey the cotton takes in order to reach our closets. And if we knew, we would probably think twice. Conventional cotton is grown mainly in developing countries, where the production of cotton causes immense harm to people, animals and the environment.

Importance Of Bus Shelters

With current economic conditions and rising prices of fuel, a large number of people are opting for public transport as it is considerably cheap. To cater to increasing number of passengers that have started using public transportation, the need to offer better infrastructure for their comfort has become a priority.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Power?

The advantages of solar energy are well known. What are the advantages of solar power in your home?

Structural Supports for a Yurt

While yurts are considerably lighter than conventional houses, they still require good structural support. Plan weight distribution and air flow properly to ensure yurt home stability.

Listening to the Wildlife in a Yurt

When you move to a yurt in the bush from a large city, it is a novel experience being in such close contact with nature. My wife has discovered (and I have rediscovered) many of the reasons why country living makes you feel more intimately involved with the environment.

Cleaning The Air Naturally Using Indoor Plants

The air in your indoor environment can be purified through the use of indoor plants. Some types of household plants not only help to purify air indoors, but they are also well suited to cleansing indoor air of harmful chemical elements such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Carbon Monoxide, as this article explains.

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