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Go Green in Construction

Around the world, building and construction projects utilize an average of 3 billion tons of raw materials yearly. This estimate constitutes about 40 percent of the total world consumption. With this in mind, various strategies should be employed during the design, construction and process of any building activities. One essential approach is to consider green building materials usage.

DIY Wind Turbine – The Winds Of Change In Electricity

A DIY wind turbine that you build for powering your home will save you on your utility bills. And it is a lot easier than what you might think.

Eco Friendly Laundry Products

Eco friendly laundry products are becoming the cleaning products of choice for many consumers. Some people are simply enthusiastic about any type of “green” activity that is good for the environment and they throw their weight behind these products.

The Great Eco Potty Hunt

What features would make a great compost toilet? When I was getting ready to begin looking around at the available models on the market, I had an ideal compost toilet fixed in my mind. It should be nice to use and easy to install.

Laundry Needn’t Literally Cost the Earth

Living green and living within a budget don’t always fit well together. Find out some basic tips on how to save money on laundry day and still be greener.

Go Green at Your Office

When considering different options in diminishing the environmental scar we place on our earth, we should think about going green at the office; whether you work outside your own home or not. From furniture and lights to printers and paper – there are endless options when taking a stand; when refusing to let our earth go to waste without attempting to make a difference. Going green can be extremely simple and it can be made part of every person’s daily ritual. There are a variety of products that integrate features which are environmentally friendly.

How Free Energy Promotes Sustainable Living

Environmentally friendly living and economic trends are superseding the ethical decisions of going green. Furthermore within the business of alternative power, you will find options that had never been considered prior to, and now you are able to do what was previously believed impossible, create power from free energy at home. Having your own free energy generation is here and also the time is now.

Guide You Can Use to Go Green Every Day

The utilization of green products isn’t an option any longer, it’s a necessity. We’ve all heard of the footprints we leave on our earth, and we must do something to stop it. A section of our population is attempting to dissuade us from taking such action by trying to convince us that “going green” is too costly, confusing, and intricate. The giant corporations are on an endless mission to mislead consumers into promoting products that destroy our earth. The truth is that we must see through all of the nonsense and stick up for what we know is right. We must push ourselves to use green products in every aspect of our life so that as a unified front, we can make a difference.

How Is Wind Energy Used?

Wind power is a renewable energy, making it perfect for home use. If you are astounded and pulling your hair out every time you receive your utility or electric bill, using wind power may spare you from hair loss.

Adobe: A Green Building Material

One of the best building materials for homes in the hot, dry climates of the desert southwest is adobe. Adobe is made from clay which is often mixed with other natural materials such as straw and even dung.

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