$30 Wind Turbine 65 mph Survival Test

How to Make a Simple Solar Oven

Solar ovens are extremely efficient, ecologically friendly cooking devices that use natural energy from the sun, which is 100% free. Cooking time with solar ovens will take quite longer than cooking with your conventional oven, but it is definitely worth the wait. The food is brewing extremely slowly within a solar cooker, and this will make the food taste more delicious.

How to Cook With a Solar Oven

  Solar cookers are extremely efficient, and they cost almost nothing to manufacture at home. It is simply amazing how many types of foods you can cook in such an oven. You simply need to add all the ingredients, cover up your pot, then place a plastic wrap or a fiberglass sheet over the oven and let delicious food be prepared with the power of the sun.

How to Make a Solar Oven for Kids

Children are thrilled when they are allowed to feel like grown-ups and to do things they are usually not allowed to – such as cooking a meal by themselves. However, if you build a simple solar oven for them, they can enjoy cooking a simple meal, such as spaghetti, or even bake a small pizza without being exposed to any kind of dangers. Here are the things that you will need in order to build a solar oven for your kids: – a pizza box – the regular cardboard box they use…

The Advantages of Solar Energy in the Home

Solar power will play a dominant role in our future, and, as the demand for energy grows each year, we will need energy to sustain our lifestyles and homes. Since fossil fuels are not going to be an option anymore in about a century or so, we must turn to alternative ways to generate power, such as solar panels. So what could solar energy provide for your home?

The Advantages of Solar Energy for Business

Man has been developing solar technologies since the 1860s and this came as a reaction to the fact that coal would not last forever – in fact it is expected to become scarce in the next century. Over the years, materials such as wood and biomass have been steadily replaced with the use of coal and also fossil fuels. If solar technologies will be developed and used almost worldwide, they will bring global long-term benefits.

The Advantages of Solar Energy – Saving Money

Nowadays we mainly use fossil fuels to generate the energy we need to sustain our lifestyle, but as fossil fuels are quickly depleting, they are also becoming more expensive. Even though solar power systems are not cheap to build or buy, they are a better option for the future. Some people choose solar power for their homes for environmental reasons, but there are also financial benefits to it.

The History of Earth Day – The Movement

Although the history of Earth Day has been commonly associated with U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, and Congressman Pete McCloskey of California, it has been alleged that the concept originated initially in 1969 with John McConnell at an UNESCO conference held in San Francisco. However the origins of Earth Day started, it is clear that this event has deeply resonated with people across the globe.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Greenhouse Plans

You may take more time that you originally intended to look for several DIY Greenhouse Plans. Greenhouses are certainly a beneficial addition to your garden and this is why there are so many to choose from. Finding that perfect set of plans will result in a greenhouse that will be used for years to come.

Solar Rebates: Australian Government Solar Incentives

Australians have recognised the need to cut back on our greenhouse gas emissions. In response, both state and federal governments have aggressively pursued the production of solar energy, by providing schemes to pay consumers ingenious rebates for installing and using solar energy.

The Benefits of Going Green!

The concept of green homes is a trend that is here to stay and is slowly but surely catching up in India. In the modern version of living, cities, towns and even villages are witnessing an increased preference towards building homes and creating an environment that contributes to the sustenance of the ecosystem.

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