$30 DIY Kilowatt Wind Turbine – Build Tutorial v1.2

Learning to Live Off the Grid

A lot of people, especially in today’s time, are getting more and more interested about what they can do to live “off the grid”. This is a term that means living without the need of the power grid, the electrical system that powers entire countries. A lot of people quickly dismiss the idea simply because they don’t think it’s a feasible task for the average person.

How To: Solar Panels

With increasing demand around the world for more green energy solutions, many of us have been hearing about the benefits and the capabilities of solar power. Solar power is basically when we harness the energy coming from the sun to use it for electricity. Though this idea has been around for hundreds of years, it hasn’t become a possibility for people like me and you until recently.

Is It Worth It to Switch to Solar Power?

With the way utility bills continue to increase for everyone, some of us are starting to wonder if there are any green energy solutions we could use to not only help the environment, but to save some money! And when we think green energy, a lot of us instantly picture a solar panel in our head. Harnessing the energy from the sun has been an idea that dates back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. We have always known there was enough energy being emitted from the sun, but harnessing and converting that power was the problem.

Solar System Roadmap

A lot of interest is arising in solar energy and people are just starting to make real sense of how it should work and how much it may cost. Nowadays, there are some alternatives to get a solar system installed at home and you can accomplish this with lower or minimal costs.

Reduce Reuse Recycle – Why Recycling Is Not Enough

If you don’t live under a rock, you most likely have heard about going green. When they hear the term going green, some people instantly think of recycling. A good amount of us recycle but I don’t think that recycling is good enough, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Tips

The Easter Bunny will be hop hop hoppin’ into your yard soon not to mention precious tiny hands on an Easter Egg hunt. Ensure that each and every blade and leaf that gets touched is as natural and organic as possible with these eco-friendly lawn care tips: Give your grass seeds a fighting chance – Instead of pouring on chemical-filled growth supplements, be sure your lawn is free of debris and use spike-thonged sandals to aerate instead of gas-guzzling machines. (You will keep pollutants from the air and get a workout in!

Transitioning Into a Greener Lifestyle

Have you wondered how you and your family can transition into a more “green” lifestyle? With our tricks, and tips you can start to become more green today.

Wind Power and The Community

Many communities, of all shapes and sizes, throughout the whole world support the ever more popular energy alternative that is wind power. There have been a few voices against the wind revolution, because of minor issues such as increased noise around wind farms, or some people simply being against a rather large metal tower in the immediate surroundings of their homes, but let’s face it: a few towers that produce no carbon emissions, no air pollution and that use natural and renewable sources to produce power are a million times better than filthy coal or the horror of a nuclear power plant. Fukushima should have taught us all a lesson.Remote communities worldwide are often relying on self built wind power generators in order to supply their houses and to reduce their carbon footprint. Wind technology is rapidly replacing outdated diesel generators, as they are both increasingly unreliable and dirty business. Needless to say, setting up and operating a wind energy generation system will completely eliminate your costly dependence on grid power making your life a tad more green, and giving you a tad more freedom.

A Little Overview on Wind Power

In today’s times of global non-stop energy consumption, rising oil and gas prices, along with more windy weather all over the planet, wasn’t it time to think about a long-term, alternative energy solution, which instead of precious non-renewable fossil fuels, is readily available, uses natural forces and which can be easily obtained, built and operated? Wind turbines also have the additional benefit of being extremely compact, in a horizontal sense, which provides for a higher quantity to spread over a greater area, which in turn allows for more sustainable energy to be produced. In fact, wind towers for personal use, such as the Tilt Tower, use as little as 1.4 m2 of ground space, making it a perfectly green, money-saving, addition to your own backyard. With all the fuss about global warming, the ever-so-steady harvesting of the Earth’s natural resources, and increasing demands for a greener and more sustainable life for all of us, building your own wind turbine tower really is a great step towards a brighter, cleaner future. There really is no good reason not to start doing a great favor for both the environment and your wallet.

What Are Green Living Roofs And How Can I Get One?

If you have been watching certain TV shows or reading green living magazines, there is a good chance that you have seen green roofs. You might know a little about them, you might not. Today I am going to tell you a little bit about green roofs and how you can use them.

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