12v 60a LiFePO4 Solar Battery BMS for $32- Installation and Test!

How To Control Fruit Flies That Are In Your Compost

Fruit flies can become a huge problem in your compost bin. Find out a few strategies that will lower their numbers and keep them out of your compost.

Go Green With Green Construction and Hardwood Installation

Astonishing is the fact that while environment degradation has been included in the official list of ten threats by High Level Threat Panel of United Nations; we are getting more careless about this phenomenon. We have increased the use of toxic products that reduce the sustainability of the environment. Are we not mindful of how this carelessness can harm the life of humans and wildlife?

Can Green Living And Luxury Living Ever Be Compatible?

With the emergence of the ‘going green’ phenomenon into mainstream society, green construction has become a multi-billion dollar industry. But, is there really a way to build your dream home without compromising your environmental integrity?

Are There Really Any Advantages Of Solar Energy That Are Affordable For You?

It seems as though everyone is interested in solar power these days. How about you? Don’t you want to know what the advantages of solar energy are? Aren’t you curious to see how this suddenly affordable technology can help you and our planet?

Taking a Second Look at the Oil Crisis

The first time I watched “Crude Awakening,” some six years and two states ago, I was shaken up in a way I didn’t like. I think in part it was because the end of oil and the subsequent chaos which would ensue was something I personally had absolutely no control over. I could change absolutely not one single thing in my own life which would make a difference in the ultimate outcome of the oil crisis.

Bathroom Eco Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners eager to make sure their properties are as eco-friendly as possible may want to begin by renovating their bathrooms. There are a number of alterations that can be made in these spaces to ensure houses are kinder to the environment, such as reconsidering flooring options.

Do We Need Smart Grids?

The electric grid was designed as a regional power source, distributing electricity uni-directionally from a central location to the customer. Homes & businesses across the United States are now installing photovoltaic solar systems to significantly lower or eliminate their monthly electric bills. These distributed intermittent energy sources push excess power in the opposite direction, back into the grid.

Log Cabins – A New Type of Home?

Log homes are gaining in popularity amongst people, especially urban dwellers who are looking for something much different from their small city townhouses and flats. Although people who have grown up in the country or smaller towns and communities might be very common with log homes and their appearance, people who have grown up in the city still see it as something very new and exciting. To these people looking to make a purchase of a home in a more rustic environment, the log home is a very new concept.

Solar Power Energy: Its Advantages

Because of the high cost of electricity today, many people are trying to look for alternative sources of energy. Looking around the house, there are many appliances that are plugged in aside from the overhead lights that has been turned on day and night; you just cannot do away with not having electricity at home. But if you are one of the residents in California, you will be happy to know that the government is trying its best to generate solar energy in the area as well as encourage the people to generate their own electrical source with the installation…

The Benefits Of Solar Power Installation

Because of the popularity of the use of solar power as an alternative energy power source, many people have already turned into it as a cheap source of electrical energy. Solar power panels are installed in the roof of the house to generate power as these convert sunlight into electricity. They say that the installation of this power source has significant benefits and here are some of them.

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